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Hydraulic Screen Changer In India

Hydraulic screen changer in india with automatic compensation on sealing gap can be realized during screen changing process. Compatible with extruders for various polymers processing for most polymer at high output.

Hydraulic Screen Changer In India
Hydraulic Screen Changer In India Features:

1.With highly precise design,
2.The screen has good abrasive resistant, 
3.High pressure performance, 
4.Ensuring large effective filtration area and improving filtration effect.
5.It works well even under high temperature up to 300 °C and high pressure up to 50 MPa
6.Screen changing time ≤ 2 seconds with pressure accumulator.
Hydraulic Screen Changer In India Performance characteristic:
1.Apply to extrusion production in a wide range of materials and product.
2.Good sealing system ensures perfect sealing effect.
3.The function of filling material exhaust and pollution discharge guarantee the screen changer for recycling processes of replacing screen continuously.
7. We design and manufacture production of various sizes according to the customers’ requirement.
8. A well-designed structure makes operation more convenient .
The screen changers for extruder can be used for sheet, plate, pipe, film, blown film, wire, cable, profile, granulation (masterbatch, compounding, blend features granulation, cable materials, functional masterbatch, synthetic granulation , recycling and pelletizing) and it is suitable for most of thermoplastic plastics.

Batte is a 
screen changers manufacturer in China,We manufacture Double plate double working station screen changers,Single pillar hydraulic screen changer,four-cavity screen changer and automatic screen changer with belt filter.

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