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Hydraulic Screen Changers Extruder

Hydraulic screen changers extruder used for twin-screw granulation production, with hydraulic-powered convenient filter replacement. Automatic, semi-automatic, automatic or semi-automatic changer, production, energy conservation, energy.
Hydraulic Screen Changers Extruder

Hydraulic Screen Changers Extruder Characteristics:
1. Improve the screen changer for recycling processes network of time interval
2.Can realize non-stop screen changer
3.have led material exhaust design, can fully eliminate the extruder materials.
4.can be thoroughly solved in network are prone to bubbles,improve the stability of the product.
Hydraulic screen changer extruder can be used for synthetic fiber, blown film, flat film, casting film, pipe, sheet, wire manufacturing, cutting line.Hydraulic screen changer in India and in China are very popular.

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