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Four-Cavity Screen Changer For Recycling Processes
Four-cavity screen changer for recycling Process in order to change the filtration screen, the screen cavity in the bolt can be moved out. melt flow from the extruder splits into four streams for filtration in two pairs of screen cavities.So is is also be called four screen cavities screen changer.
Four-Cavity Screen Changer For Recycling Processes
Four-Cavity Screen Changer For Recycling Processes:
The molten material is conveyed by an extruder through the filtering screen and arranged transversally to the filter body. Melt leakages are totally prevented by a pair of cylinders sealing the screen pass-through openings. The impurities contained in the extrudate accumulate on the screen surface, thus resulting in pressure increase upstream of the filter. When the differential between inlet and outlet melt pressure exceeds the set threshold, or as an alternative the preset timer value has elapsed, a dedicated valve closes the melt flow channel and both sealing cylinders open to let the filtering screen advance. The contaminated screen section is thus replaced by a clean one.
Four-Cavity Screen Changer For Recycling Processes Features and advantages:
1.With highly precise design,abrasive resistant,high pressure performance.
2.It works well even under the high temperature of 400℃and high pressure of 40Mpa-50Mpa.
3.Nonstop through the screen changer for recycling processes,leakfree design.Automatic exhaust design.

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