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Automatic hydraulically powered backflush screen changers
Automatic hydraulically powered backflush screen changers enables to purge even heavy contaminant from the melt filter element while maintaining extrusion throughput, minimizing operator intervention, and avoiding downtime in constant-pressure processes like film and screen changers for extruder or strand pelletizing.
Automatic hydraulically powered backflush screen changers
Features of Automatic Hydraulically Powered Backflush Screen Changers:
1. The screen changer works simultaneously: when one net works, the other one replaced.
 2. Exhaust system device can fully defuse the gas mixed in the materials and improve the product quality.
 3. Double channels expand the filtration area to produce more high-quality production which meet the customers’ need.
 4. Apply to extrusion production in a wide range of materials and product.
 5. Good sealing system ensures perfect sealing effect.
 6. The function of filling material exhaust and pollution discharge guarantee the process of replacing screen continuously.
 7. We design and manufacture production of various sizes according to the customers’ requirement.
 8. A well-designed structure makes operation more convenient .

Automatic hydraulically powered backflush screen changer is our hot selling screen changers for extruder, whether it is technology, quality and customer satisfaction have a good evaluation. Besides, We also manufacture Double plate double working station screen changers
and automatic belt mesh screen changers.

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