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Polymer fltration screen changer
Polymer fltration screen changer is the key element in the screen changer for recycling process , particularly for  post consumer recycle materials that contain higher levels of contaminants that need to be filtered out of the melt stream.
Polymer fltration screen changer
Polymer Fltration Screen Changer Characteristics: 
1. The polymer fltration screen changer typically features multiple screen packs in the flow stream.
2. Screen changes can be made to one of the flow paths while material continues to 3. Flow through the others.
4. Blown film with 50% recycle
5. Screen changer selection: Continuous type
Batte is a screen changer for recycling processes manufacturers in China,We manufacture manual screen changerSingle plate double station fast screen changer, slide piston hydraulic screen changer depending on the application, contamination, level of filtration required.

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