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PP Recovery and Granulation Non-stop Screen Changer

Batte net changer manufacturer is a large-scale net screen changer equipment processing and manufacturing enterprise in the Central Plains region. It has advanced processing equipment and perfect processing process to ensure that the provision of net chan

Matters needing attention in daily use of network screen changer

For the filter net removed from the screen changer , the positive and negative sides must be cleaned up. When cleaning, copper sheets should be used as far as possible, which can effectively prolong the service life of the filter. In the process of changi

Introduction to the Use Temperature and Heating Method of Metering Pump

Introduction of the temperature and heating mode of Batte Melt Measuring Pump--Melt Measuring Pump produced by Zhengzhou Bart Melt Pump Co., Ltd. has been widely used in chemical fiber, granulation, plastic film, sheet, sheet, profile, pipe, wire and cabl

New Type of screen changer is the Key to Improve Production Efficiency

Mag, a maker of gear pumps, granulation systems, filtration systems and grinders, recently announced that its new mesh changer technology is open to the market. The plunger type screen changer is characterized by Mags modularization. The double plunger de

Performance of special screen changers for PVC, PVDF and polyformaldehyde

Batte domestic professional network screenchanger manufacturing enterprises, with professional network changer processing technology, to provide high-performance, high-standard network changer products, including: XPS Extrusion board dedicated network cha

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