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Automatic hydraulically powered backflush screen changers

Automatic hydraulically powered backflush screen changers enables to purge even heavy contaminant from the melt filter element while maintaining extrusion throughput, minimizing operator intervention, and avoiding downtime in constant-pressure processes like film and fiber extrusion or strand pelletizing.

How is backflush screen changer working

Backflush screen changer working with a PLC control system through the screen changer for recycling process. Powerful back flushing system,greatly improve the product quality,reduce screen pack consumption and cost,improve the production cost efficiency.

Mini Extrusion Screen Changer

Mini Extrusion Screen Changer is a include one or more of the mesh of the manual or automatic switching device, used for foreign particles during the plasticizing material flows through the filter and filter out impurities.

Automatic Belt Melt Filters

Automatic Belt Melt Filters for continuous screen changers from high tensile stainless steel wire, which are suitable for screening foreign particles out of molten plastic.

Polymer fltration screen changer

Polymer fltration screen changer is the key element in the screen changer for recycling process , particularly for post consumer recycle materials that contain higher levels of contaminants that need to be filtered out of the melt stream.

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