Plastic extrusion screen pack changer
    The Plastic Extrusion Screen Pack Changer allows for filtration of most polymers with minimum disruption during a screen change. Plastic Extrusion Screen Pack Changers change screens for recycling processes in less than two second. Plastic Extrusion Screen Pack Changers are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and filter highly sensitive compounds.
    Extrusion breaker plates
    Extrusion breaker plates support the filtration media itself. Breaker plates for polymer extrusion are engineered to immediately increase throughput by preventing compound leakage and eliminating dead spots.
    Continuous Rotary Screen Changers
    The continuous rotary screen changers is regulated by a pre-set timer or optional controller.The frequency of screen replacement is vital to achieve the highest degree of cleanliness of polymers.
    Find Screen Changers For Extrusion Mould
    Screen changers for extrusion mould has a detachable filter station, work, two filter stations inside the body via two channels simultaneously melt filter body, when the filter medium impurities accumulated to a certain extent,screen changer for extrusion mould will automatic changer the screen.
    Continuous Working Screen Changer
    Continuous working screen changer means that during the screen change the screen bearing piston. After the screen changer for recycling processes , a venting takes place to avoid that entrapped air interferes the process.
    Double Pillar Large Capacity Type Screen Changer
    Double pillar large capacity type screen changer is designed to double column changer cartridge-type structure can be fully ruled out gas, to ensure product quality, increase product stability.
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