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Hydraulic Screen Changers For Extruder Machine

Hydraulic screen changers for extruder machine slide plate carrying two pieces of breaker plates,so screen changer for recycling processes can move linearly in both directions and achieve screen changing process.

Double Piston Screen Changer

Double piston screen changer realizes a non-stopping screen changing operation by altering two pistons with double filtering areas. Batte screen changer for recycling processes can match with extruders of different design.

Fully Automatic Screen Changer

Fully automatic screen changer work with the extrusion machine when a screen change is required, the cavity with dirty screen will be moved out by hydraulic in a minimum time, and at the same time, the other cavity with new screen will be moved into the working position.

Automatic Screen Changer Factory

Automatic screen changer factory make the screen changer that molten material through the filtering screen and arranged transversally to the filter body. The impurities contained in the extrudate accumulate on the screen surface, thus resulting in pressure increase upstream of the filter.

Hydraulic Screen Changer In India

Hydraulic screen changer in india with automatic compensation on sealing gap can be realized during screen changing process. Compatible with extruders for various polymers processing for most polymer at high output.

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