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Manual Screen Changer For Extrusion

Manual screen changer for extrusion have a simple swing of the handle lever during routine shutdown, manual screen changers have clean screens are quickly brought on-line.

Double Plate Screen Changer

Double plate screen changer is a kind of two screen cavities screen changers,which applicable to the production of various thermoplastic, mainly used for filtration of the material mixture.

Plate Or Column Quick Screen ​​Changer

Plate or quick screen ​​changer main parts made of superhard materials from refined, high-strength, low thermal deformation, wear resistance, long life.

Hydraulic Screen Changers For Extruder Machine

Hydraulic screen changers for extruder machine slide plate carrying two pieces of breaker plates,so screen changer for recycling processes can move linearly in both directions and achieve screen changing process.

Double Piston Screen Changer

Double piston screen changer realizes a non-stopping screen changing operation by altering two pistons with double filtering areas. Batte screen changer for recycling processes can match with extruders of different design.

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