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Enhanced filtering operation of plunger screen changer

The characteristic of plunger screen changer is the modularization of Magar. The double plunger design can be customized and adjusted according to the unique process requirements of users. The design allows the use of five different filter chamber shapes

Reasons why you can't push in when switching screen changer

There are four possible of screen changer : 1. There is a large foreign body stuck in the net board. 2. The oil pump of the hydraulic station is worn out and broken. 3. The oil seal of the propelling cylinder is broken, causing leakage and powerlessness.

The influence of screen changer on the quality of plastic recycled materials

With the rising price of plastic raw materials, extrusion enterprises have artificially increased the proportion of recycled materials in order to reduce production costs and increase profits. The proportion of recycled materials from some agricultural pl

PP Recovery and Granulation Non-stop Screen Changer

Batte net changer manufacturer is a large-scale net screen changer equipment processing and manufacturing enterprise in the Central Plains region. It has advanced processing equipment and perfect processing process to ensure that the provision of net chan

Matters needing attention in daily use of network screen changer

For the filter net removed from the screen changer , the positive and negative sides must be cleaned up. When cleaning, copper sheets should be used as far as possible, which can effectively prolong the service life of the filter. In the process of changi

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