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Screen packs of the screen changer for extrusion process
Screen packs of the screen changer for extrusion process is to build up pressure in the extruder and filter out contaminants and also to pressure in extruders . Screen packs help mixing and is particularly useful if screw speed is high and the residence time of polymer melt in the hydraulic screen changers extruder is not very long. 

Screen packs of the screen changer for extrusion process
Requirements of the screen pack:
Deposition of particles, gels
Homogenization of the melt
Avoidance of dimpling
Ensurance of throughput
Avoidance of oversized screens
By the proper selection and configuration of the fabric layers, the characteristics of the hydraulic screen changers can be perfectly fitted to the product to be filtered.Screen packs are normally made of spot welded woven wire cloth of different mesh, although the extrusion breaker plates can also have a containing rim bordered in a ring. dirty filter screens can lead to massive disruptions in the production process.

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